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SKion GmbH becomes new shareholder of AVISTA OIL AG

October 12, 2012

Uetze– With a share of almost 30 per cent, SKion GmbH, Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, will become the second biggest shareholder of AVISTA OIL AG, the leading pioneer in the industry of used oil upcycling. The shareholding will mainly be realized through a capital increase and through the acquisition of shares from the original shareholders. The new funds will be used for future strategic acquisitions and also for the creation and expansion of additional re-refining capacities in Europe and the US. The intended transaction is still pending approval by the cartel authority.

Bernd Merle, the CEO of AVISTA OIL, explains by saying: „The capital increase will enable us to drive forward our global expansion dynamically. SKion’s shareholding is a milestone for our enterprise: We gain a strong and industry experienced partner on our way towards a globally leading position in the production and sale of eco base oils, eco lubricants and by-products as well as recycled fuels.”

With more than 60 years of market experience, AVISTA OIL is a pioneer and technology leader in the upcycling of used oils. The market for re-refined base oils offers a strong global growth potential: The demand for cyclic sustainability concepts with resource conserving and CO2 reduced oil products will continue to grow in the core markets, Europe and the US. With its new and innovative eco-friendly AVIeco oil recycling concept, AVISTA OIL offers all-in-one solutions for the resource conserving supply and disposal of lubricants, particularly for the industry.


AVISTA OIL, which was founded in 1951, is one of the leading enterprises in used oil upcycling in Europe. In this field, the group of companies performs the whole range of functions from the collection of used oils, to re-refining and production and to the international marketing and sale of high-quality base oils and their upgrading to lubricants. Nowadays, AVISTA OIL serves along the entire value chain more than 70,000 customers all over the world. In addition, the enterprise offers industrial lubricants and motor oils for the car industry.

Over the past few years, the industry pioneer has continuously grown profitably and is aiming at a turnover of more than €200 million in the business year 2012. Currently, AVISTA OIL has a workforce of approx. 550 employees at four production sites and further logistics sites in Europe and the US.

SKion GmbH

SKion GmbH is a strategic investment company of the German entrepreneur Ms. Susanne Klatten. Via the owner-operated company SKion, Ms. Susanne Klatten holds 100% of the shares of ALTANA AG (special chemistry). With almost 28 per cent, SKion is also an anchor shareholder of SGL Carbon SE (carbon products and materials) and combines holdings in Nordex SE (wind plants), as well as in Gemalto N.V. (digital security) and in Paques N.V. (biological waste water and gas purification techniques). Being a fourth generation entrepreneur, Ms. Susanne Klatten pursues a long-term investment strategy.

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