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Universal Environmental Services Closes Financing for the Construction of a Used Oil Re-refinery in Peachtree City, Georgia

June 28, 2011


Peachtree City, GA – Universal Environmental Services, LLC (“UES”) believes in a brighter energy future for the used oil industry and the region. UES has signed definitive documentation and closed on a financing commitment of up to $52 million for the engineering, construction and commissioning of a used oil re-refinery in Peachtree City, GA. Together with the capital from its recently announced joint venture with AVISTA OIL AG (“AVISTA”), the financing will be sufficient to complete the company’s planned state-of-the-art re-refinery with an input capacity of 30 Million gallons by the first quarter of 2013. UES will service its customers with the highest possible quality products, while preserving natural resources and the environment.


UES and its project partner, Mineralöl-Raffinerie Dollbergen GmbH (“MRD”), member of the AVISTA OIL Group, have completed basic engineering and will finalize detailed engineering by October 2011. Site preparation will begin immediately, with construction to begin in early November 2011. The company has been granted local permits and licenses for the construction on the premises of its 10 acre Peachtree City facility.


MRD maintains an engineering department that is experienced in the design of industrial facilities for the environmental sector. The same group of engineers that engineered, built, and commissioned the MRD and DOG (Dansk Olie Genbrug A/S – AVISTA’s state of the art used oil re-refinery in Denmark) re-refineries will be in charge of the Peachtree City project. The new re-refinery will include, among other supplementary facilities, MRD’s patented Enhanced Selective Refining technology to produce high-quality base oils. The quality of these base oils are superior to the quality of base oils produced out of crude oils in many properties, including Viscosity Index, PAH, and Noack Volatility.


“We are extremely pleased to have the financing behind us so that we can get to the important work of building our re-refinery and servicing our used oil customers,” said CEO Juan Fritschy. “We are confident that our partners at AVISTA, MRD, and all subcontractors involved will help us successfully engineer and deploy a state-of-the-art re-refinery right here in Georgia. In the meantime, our customers can continue to expect the highest quality of service and attention from our expert staff. As a reliable partner, we will service our customers until the re-refinery is built, and offer them convenient alternative solutions once the expanded facility is operational”. Mr. Fritschy continued: “Our aim is to preserve the environment and a valuable resource -base oil-, from being otherwise lost to “energy recovery”. This project will also create new jobs in the Peachtree City community. The time has come to think green, and that’s what UES is doing. We will keep the public updated on this project that’s both exciting and valuable to our region and our country.”


About Universal Environmental Services
Headquartered in Peachtree City, GA, Universal Environmental Services is the southeastern United States’ leading collector and processor of used oil from car dealerships, service stations and other industrial customers. With a fleet of 65 trucks, 4 processing plants and 7 satellite facilities, a storage capacity of 1.6M gallons of used oil and a 2.2M gallon tank at the port of Savannah, UES has the capability to collect and process used lubricants all the way from northern Florida to Ohio.


Contact details:
Mr. Juan Fritschy, CEO
411 Dividend Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Direct: (770) 357 0183


About AVISTA OIL Group
The AVISTA OIL Group is Europe’s leading Used Oil Recycling Company. With a successful closed loop business, Avista is the owner of a patented leading-edge re-refining technology, and operates two used oil re-refineries in Europe: Dansk Olie Genbrug A/S (“DOG”) located in Kalundborg, Denmark, and MRD that is located in Dollbergen, Germany. AVISTA brings in more than 60 years of operational experience to UES, with a value chain of collecting and re-refining used oils and oily liquids, and producing high-quality base oils and lubricants. Compared to producing base oils out of virgin oil, re-refining used oils with AVISTA’s technology produces 30% less CO2 emissions. Just recently, AVISTA introduced its green lubricant line, “AVIeco”, to serve environmentally conscious users. The product launch of “AVIeco” in neighboring countries is also planned.


Contact details:
Mr. Bernd Merle, CEO & Chairman of the Board
Bahnhofstr. 82
31311 Uetze-Dollbergen, Germany
Direct: +49 (5177) 85600